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UNL_UCBCN API Documentation

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Class UNL_UCBCN_InstallTest


InstallTest class.

Located in /tests/InstallTest.php (line 23)

Variable Summary
string $dsn
Method Summary
string $dsn = 'mysqli://eventcal:eventcal@localhost/eventcal' (line 30)

Database connection string for the sqlite test database.

  • access: public
setUp (line 32)
  • access: public
void setUp ()
testBackendInfo (line 72)

Test that the backend can get a simple user.

  • access: public
void testBackendInfo ()
testBackendInstallScript (line 43)

Test the installation script

void testBackendInstallScript ()
testPermissions (line 60)

Test that permissions were created successfully.

  • access: public
void testPermissions ()

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